Monday, September 14, 2015

First day, round two--ushering in seventh and third

I started last week. The "thrill" of it has worn off for sure for me, but Erin was a jumping bean of energy and excitement last night. I hope I mirrored her enthusiasm, however quickly my own is diminishing over the school year.

Note to self: listen to God. He knows better.

I packed up her lunch today. Shane made me laugh:

"I just can't help notice the juxtaposition of these lunches," he started. Because of the strawberry cake post, he likes to play with juxtaposition--as if it is my word. "Look at the care you packed Erin's lunch ... and then look at my lonely sandwich in a corner. The bread doesn't even line up. You didn't take a picture of that!"

I laughed and grabbed my camera.

Shane's sad sandwich

the stickers I got for Erin

she was so excited

she is so awesome
Life doesn't look like what we expected it to. Lanie spent part of the morning at a friend's and I had my class. I peeked in at lunch to see Erin and her bento. I felt very lonely, my family splintered. I went to have lunch with Lanie, and we both missed Erin terribly.

A friend texted, "She'll be home with you tomorrow."

Lanie held my hand at the table and we prayed, and I cried. This was actually such a beautiful moment with my girl--and her request.

Thankful for this sweet opportunity to have a year with Lanie. For doors God has opened for us. We talked about what we're looking forward to, and laughed at funny faces we make.

So, here we go. Day 2, done.

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