Saturday, September 19, 2015

On the whole

I worked through triggers that spark cravings. And days that would have sent me running to M&Ms didn't. Victory, people. Victory.

I lost my love for coffee when I stopped using milk and sugar. But then I discovered good tea.

I'm wearing shirts I wouldn't have considered wearing in August. And I've buttoned up two pairs of pants that I couldn't comfortably wear in the summer.

Hamburgers are good in lettuce wraps. Especially piled high with onion, jalapeno mustard, homemade mayo and guacamole. Seriously--with the exception of adding a good cheese, this burger is perfect.

Five almonds are pure magic to curb a growling tummy.

The things I've missed most: dairy things. Cheese. Milk (and sugar) in my coffee. Pizza. Mac and cheese.

And not so related to dairy: cinnamon rolls. I normally only eat them around Christmas, but good grief, I think it's tied to some very basic comfort. I can't stop thinking about cinnamon rolls.

Grilled cheese is the fragrance of heaven.

When I served up a dinner plate of salad, and side plate of a bare burger cut in half with a squirt of jalapeno mustard, Shane didn't complain. He's a good man, that guy.

I'm eating a ton more vegetables because of all this.

I kinda wish I could sample the chocolate chip cookies I made for the kids' back to school lunch. (I have not. Not even a crumb.)

Monday makes three weeks.

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