Monday, October 19, 2015

And still counting (7689-7726)

fall colors out the window
socks for my feet

clean laundry
a fun day in Great Books
a great check-up for Lanie (up 15 pounds and grew an inch since June)
a fall photo walk

and coming upon toys left from play in the woods
Erin was here, though she was nowhere to be found when I discovered this. Tea for two in the woods.

an unexpected visit from Anita
her hugs
her example
her love for us

ice cream from Wegmans
a teenager in my house
reflections of the years with Lanie
how the afternoon sunlight through the woods takes my breath away
birthday wishes for my girl

an open can of worms
Julie by chat
Anna to sleep over

Erin's rap video
Lanie's request for bacon and coffee

a warm blanket
reflections and reminders of the journey from there to here
a good recipe for coffee cake
a Sunday shoot
tires for my car

that man of mine
tears in a classroom reading over Gilgamesh
soup recipes
wool socks

my guy and his sense of humor
Kellie and her family and a sunny day
Fernanda next to us at church
Erica's hugs
how good it feels to give things away

movie watching (Home) with Erin

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