Monday, October 26, 2015

And still counting (7727-7760)

peppermint oil for achy joints
hair clips
big bandaids
pumpkin cake (good reviews for Lanie)

hugs from Erin in the lunchroom
and her kisses
good days in Great Books
even, or maybe especially, on my hard days

coffee for three instead of coffee for two
Your arrangement of situations to save me from my big mouth
a happy welcome home
my waggy dog
a good sermon online about judgment

another good sermon on standing through seasons
a field trip to a local farm
fun with friends
apples in the car
friends to sleep over for Lanie

hot coffee
a fun shoot for a good friend
camera 2
2 photoshoots, 2 sets of tracks, 1 puppy


clothes in the mail that fit

a warm poncho my dad made
Kathy S.'s hugs in the director's booth
David L, who saw me on Saturday
Erica's happy hello

clean margins
beef and rice bowls
Wegmans white chocolate raspberry ice cream
Erin's enthusiasm playing old piano songs
coffee on a Monday morning

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