Sunday, October 11, 2015

Around here

Lanie's birthday is coming up and she's all about it. You'd think the celebration lasted a month. I said something to her like, "You know, when I'm older, I expect you kiddos to take the day off to come have lunch with me. Tell your boss you want to see your mom." (I truly don't require this.)

"Mom! I'm going to be the boss!" Lanie said. She wants to be a dentist.

"Well, then, tell your employees that you are taking me out to lunch," I said.

"I'll be working. But you can come in for a free cleaning," she said.

Oh. My. Gosh.

This was hilarious to me.


Erin is all about Lego Friends. She even got library books about them. A friend of hers has the cruise ship, and it's all Erin can talk about--to the point that now she wants to go on a cruise.

Shane and I compromised that we'd do a nice harbor cruise or something in the spring.

She can't wait. We looked up options for our area.


The pumpkin spice tea has become an unexpected pleasure and flavor saver. (Not an affiliate link. I actually purchased mine from Wegmans.)


The kids shot out this morning to ride scooters. They came back in shortly after to get hats and gloves.


We got the door installed!

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