Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Door no more

Finally. (Finally!)

No more cleaning every individual square of glass (all thirty of them--sixty if you count both sides!).

No more paint issues.

No more finagling a quirky doorknob.

No more wintry drafts from warping wood and cracks of daylight near the hinges.

No more messing with weather stripping.

Shane may have hated the school room (before we remodeled it), but for me, the old door was losing its charm--especially when I'd get the living room (winter) temperature up into the eighties at bedtime and wake to find the temps had plummeted to sixty in the few hours I got to sleep.

I love that the (new door) grids are between the glass so that I can easily clean the panels with a smooth motion. (I have a thing for clean windows--probably because I wear glasses that are in varying states of clean. I don't need anything else fogging up my view--though with a dog, kids and woods life, who am I kidding? At least the door is easier to clean!)

I love that there's a very decent chance we'll have a warm living room this winter.

I love that this was a project Shane and I did together.

Lanie loves the replacement doorknob--a French-style knob in oil-rubbed bronze (hey, even if that color has seen its heyday, I still love it. Feels very farm house-y to me.).

Shane probably loves that it's one more thing off his list to-do and he won't have to hear about how much I hated the other door anymore.

Erin, my sentimental one, wanted to save a piece of the door. Later, she's holding the old brassy knob that Shane removed for her.

This weekend, perhaps an inscription, and replacing the trim around the door.

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