Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hashtag Tuesday

Yesterday, while it was still o'dark o'clock. The heat was on upstairs, toasty warm. Downstairs it was kicking on too, which meant it was pretty cold.

I went upstairs to wake Erin. I listened to her breathe. I stared out the dark window and thought about schedules and days and months. Thought about how I wanted to sleep in with my kiddo and wake when the sun came up.

Today, I got up to make Shane's lunch, and then went back to bed. Rolled out when the sun was up. (Normally I stay up with him, but sometimes this Mon-Fri up at 3, well, while productive, means I'm beat by 8 p.m.--sometimes even by 7 AM!) It was a treat to sleep in.

We started our work, Erin and I. Because in third grade, we do all subjects together. On this Tuesday, science took a grueling two hours. The coffee was cold before I even finished what was in the mug.

Those thoughts about schedules and days.

I called Erin over to my lap. She smiled and nestled in for the hug.

I caught myself wanting to mutter about Tuesday and, like she just knows, Erin said, "Tuesdays should be Terrible Tuesday."

On a break for lunch prep and, you know, BREAK.

Completed: science, grammar and math. Still to do: literature, writing, history, geography.

And pumpkin cake to bake for Lanie's snack contribution for CBS.

If I had this day without demands--we would be pancake eating, woods walking, picture taking, book reading, home-working, cake baking, enjoying the minutes (and coffee hot) of the day.

I love these girls. Underscore: there's no place like home. Glad to be home.

Glad to be home.


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