Monday, November 2, 2015

And still counting (7761-7790)

Raul's flaming maple tree
his invitation into the barn to see his remodel project
gift and treat filled containers from Ivette
Janice's text that she bought gluten-free candy for the kids
Helen's hugs and treats and our promises to do coffee soon

porch lights on and neighbors who enthusiastically greet my kids on Halloween
Viviana, Erin and Lanie running (and glowing) in the darkness
how their laughter and happiness rang out through the neighborhood
a hair cut with Michael
and a glam date with Erin

Happy Meals
and a small Coke
giddy kids handing over chocolate to me
how the sunrise lit up the tree tops on the way
blackberry balsamic vinegar to gift away

a morning with Lindsay and picture perfect kids
Ivette's honking hello to us down at the tracks
a family shoot

sermons that encourage me to press on
knowing I am seen when (she) looks through me

who I am in Christ
sweet apples
an extra hour
Cindy's memory of white mugs

Erin's peppy chatter
hugs and kisses from my kids
new photography projects
gluten free candy and pancake mix from Ann K.

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