Monday, November 9, 2015

And still counting (7791-7825)

glimpses of color bursts in November trees during the sunrise
grilled chicken
chocolate pudding
sermons online
the winter blanket on the bed

cream in my coffee
found things
the yellow leaves at the bend
skate night
a good day in Great Books

a green die
cream in my coffee
warmer days
a fun camera chat with Ann and Molly
cake mix cookies, gluten free
cookies and juice with Erin

hazelnut coffee
waves in passing: Ivette and Raul
Wegmans shopping
tart pans

Thanksgiving menus
how the sunrises look in November through the woods
video chats with Julie
a craft show
seeing an old friend (Stacey)

her hugs and beautiful heart
a necklace she made that I will wear with great joy
an owl necklace gifted to an 8 yr old--the thanks in her heart!
worship at church
a first-day sale

pumpkin muffins warm from the oven
warm pumpkin muffins

a lazy Sunday
pizza for dinner
a view of a field of geese on a November morning's drive
the difference here makes

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