Monday, November 16, 2015

And still counting (7826-7868)

the wiggly-fingered wave from the truck driver as he rounded the bend
his smile that lit my smile, and how his grew even brighter
a frosty morning spread out as far as we could see
seat heaters
pumpkin muffins to gift away

prayers for words for Erin, that she would love language
crazy pants that make me dance
a waggy dog
joy in the Lord
trucks parked along the side of the road, hunters

life in the woods
friends who follow through
hugs in the hallway at co op
a family of deer grazing in the field
a song in my heart

encouragement by email from a friend I've never met
a drizzly day
getting it done
the hot pinks of a sunrise through the trees (stunner!)

a night drive with Erin and her animated conversation
pancakes and maple syrup
her hug in the lunchroom
her lesson in the best of
hugs from Becky P

encouragement from Nora
a Friday chat with Julie
skate night with Christy's family
leftover fries for my eggs
a really good gf chocolate chip cookie recipe

a meaningful talk with Lanie
and our new study that started Sunday
things to think on from Nicole
muffins in the oven
fuzzy socks

manuka honey
the vive in La France
a first fire

Cam 4

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