Monday, November 23, 2015

And still counting (7869-7920)

fog and drizzle
the chimney sweepers

knee high boots
my students' smiles
skate night with a friend
how Erin dances while she skates
80s music

rotisserie chicken
packages in the mail
a tart pan
cans of pumpkin in the pantry
snowflakes by mail

shopping by blanket at home
my waggy dog
God's strength
prayer texts from a friend
coffee with Jen

how her hugs are bear hugs
the giant rainbow
this was a STUNNER

turtle neck sweaters
my favorite cashier at Wegmans

white chocolate raspberry ice cream
homemade chocolate chip cookies
seasonal music on the piano
a coffee date with Becky, sans coffee
her heart and support

jingle bell pens
the smell of clean laundry
books in the mail
peace in difficulty

a fire
heat so hot
a hug from Becky P
camera 2

baptism services

Erica G next to me
play dates (code for visits with mom friends) on the calendar
friends who reach out
Nora's encouraging words
Marshall's mom on the phone

a Monday half day (for us!)
home with kiddos
cloudy skies
a turkey in the fridge

wine in the wine fridge
candy canes
wool socks
her safety

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