Monday, November 30, 2015

And still counting (7921-7965)

a hug from Sandy
a break from co-op
home with the kids
the hum of heat
Lisa for a chat

her girls hanging out with my girls
New Year's Eve plans
good sleep
packages in the mail

time with Lanie
all those birds in that tree--looked like leaves fluttering
a frumpy fleece jacket
hot coffee in my hands
strength in the Lord

another Thanksgiving with my dad
days home with Shane
his hand in mine and a pretty sunset

laughs around the house
breakfast pizza for lunch and dinner
family traditions
Grandma Jane
kettle corn

Christmas ornaments
Erin's love of the season
understanding Lanie
rainy days
warmer weather

books to read
sleep-in mornings
five (co-op) days till Christmas break
the love of sisters in Christ
popcorn and a movie with the family

cranberry gingerale for my dad
gray days
a place for Lanie
whatever Monday holds
the goodness of God in all things

Christmas ornaments crowded close on a branch
candy canes
old recipes

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