Sunday, November 1, 2015

November days

Lovely are the silent woods, in gray November days ... 

It's November 1, and I enjoyed every minute of a fall-back hour. Felt a pull to reclaim my house when other things have been grasping and grabbing for the first-place spot. Focusing on home.

Dusted shelves, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms. Lit the satsuma oil for a cheery scent in the house. Tackled the school room piles. Cleaned off the bench of all my former favorite cookbooks and muffin tins that had been placed there in quarantine since July. Taking them to store in the pantry.

Ordered supplies of tapioca and buckwheat groats. Menu planned for the week.

Today's plan: photo shoot with tripod.

Next year, I need to schedule us in before November, but this year I'll enjoy barren trees and gray skies. November is one of my favorite months--maybe just because it's the start of cozy season.

Fires in the fireplace. The gray skies. Hot drinks that double as caffeinators and soothers. November has a home, hearth, heart focus. Thanksgiving dinner. A family ornament shopping date. A preparation for Christmas.


Thankful for these smiles.

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