Friday, November 27, 2015

On black Friday

Slept in.

Had leisurely coffee. Two mugs.

Laughed and talked to my man.

Had lunch at home. Erin asked if we could put up the Christmas tree today. And the Little People nativity.

"I could play with that all day!" she said.

Outside was warmer than in my house, so I stayed outside. I saw a baby snake outside one of the sheds. I rode the tractor to mulch up the leaves. Then I grabbed a rake and started raking out the leafy mess in the front garden.

Christmas music is playing.

I got a Zulily delivery: some fleecy Christmas leggings (the uglier the better) and some kid-friendly essential roll-ons for the season (sniffle stopper, immune boom and germ destroyer or something to that effect).

I thought about how happy I feel, and how much energy I have, and how good it is to be home from co-op.

My mums are perking up, and the primrose in the garden is wondering if it's spring.

Picked up sticks in the yard, because one day these hills will be tracks for sleds.

The girls have played non-stop, save for the TV breaks they've had.

I'm so thankful for the peace and quiet and time home with this crew.

Hugging my man out in the garden when he was locking up the shed, I asked him, "Do you feel loved?"

"Yes," he answered.

Tonight, Thanksgiving leftovers, and packing up the few fall decorations I have to make way for the Christmas season.