Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Tuesday homework

Sitting on the couch, reading All of a Kind Family to Erin. A chapter about two cunning kids who take their pennies to purchase crackers (cookies) and candy. They plot to eat the candy in their bed at night without their mama's knowledge. Erin's eyes grew wide.

"That's a great idea!" she said. Already, the wheels are turning.

I watched her in amused fascination.

"That's sneaky and sinful," I said.

"No it's not, Mom," she answered. "That's fun!"

Must check Erin's bed for crumbs ...


History. Map work and a home project. (I am not a fan of home projects, especially after hours dedicated to constructing a mobile for literature.) This one on crop rotation. I wanted to write it off. Especially after we'd have to plot crops in a scientific order.

The thinking. The planning. The directions. This is equivalent to a mental torture to me--the one who hates multi-step directions. I'm really kind of a just-do-it girl.

We did it anyway and I didn't write off the project.

But believe me, it was tempting.


Time for coffee and Great Books.

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