Thursday, December 31, 2015


a seventh year on 66 Books
snow days
sick days
days with questions and a nagging doubt
clear direction
my own hesitation
a good last month
a eukelele
a song in medieval
lost June
the stress, the flashbacks, the fray
there was not as much mulch
the busting up of the hot tub

a cozy nook on the patio
the swoop and play of a family of owls
and playful foxes on the front stoop
a stick mound we never got around to burning
a summer with my nose deep in books
a diagnosis
a plan
the generosity of friends and neighbors as we replenished a pantry
and the pantry that Shane built
swim dates with friends

Marshall's mom's labels on my jars
pretty things
open doors for Lanie
my dad's heart issue in September
unexpected obstacles
emails from a sister in Christ in FL
trick or treating in our neighborhood with Vivi
neighbors who got gluten-free candy for Lanie
photo shoots
lots of reading

an ancient's class
roller skating with Erin
CBS for Lanie
a first friend around the corner who has blessed our life

good talks with Shane
good talks with friends
the Whole29
walks with Nora
fun packages in the mail
celebrating Anita's birthday
Lisa's quinoa cake
new friendships for Lanie
her 20 pounds and one inch
home fires and warmth
another Thanksgiving here
a holiday performance with my kids
blankets my dad made for me
a gifted necklace from him to me
a simple Christmas
gluten free cinnamon rolls
a hug from my dad
baking cookies
neighbor deliveries
and a delivery here that makes me thankful deep down
friends at the table during winter break
a New Year meal and a ham that not only fed 11 people, but has at least 4 more dinners left to it
I still don't know where to look. Haha!

This year was a hustle to a hunker to a hustle. I'm thankful for the people who sat at my table and engaged in our lives.

So long, 2015. A good year and full of change. Looking forward to 2016.

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