Monday, December 21, 2015

And still counting (8023-8056)

tomatoes and garlic in pasta
color pages
sleeping in

books to read
warm fires
warm days
friends to play in the morning
visits with Connie and Linda

coffee with Ann
a school room table top nearly cleared
a "private" movie showing at the theater
their loud laughs at "a dark and stormy night"
cat naps

Christmas lights on the drive home
a full tank of gas
that man of mine
66 Books
a Christmas card from Kathy

coffee with Janet
a holiday breakfast with two of my faves

this old, cold house
warmers from Ann
library books on hold

old seasons and new seasons
the bittersweet of change
a lazy Sunday to read on the couch by the fire
that man of mine
Linda at the dinner table

the necklace from my dad
cookie boxes ready for neighbors
a week to hermit
Corrie and Betsie ten Boom
Psalm 23

Lisa and Doug

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