Monday, December 28, 2015

And still counting (8057-8104)

Anita's visit
warm temperatures
serving at church

sleep-in days
cinnamon rolls
Christmas lights
a full moon
easy peace

my kids laughter
sparkly doll dresses
her morning cuddles
Christmas music all day
salad for dinner

precious words
pretty labeled jars
cookie baking with my kids
bags to deliver to neighbors
foggy mornings

a 17-yr-old cat
nights out with Lanie and Erin
library books
friends who are trustworthy

the writers on 66 Books

and the readers
an eighth year
a waffle iron
Sharon at the grocery store
daffodil shoots

peepers singing in December
dirt under my nails from pulling weeds
a focus for 2016
and lessons learned in 2015
a visit with Dad and Linda

movie night with the family
the French doors in the living room
wood to burn on cold days
the warmers with cherry pits
a busy week connecting

eggs from Lisa
hugs from my kids
windows open
a waggy dog

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