Friday, December 11, 2015

En rose

I've been preoccupied with things the past few weeks. And in the distraction, I neglected things that really matter. Before I knew it, Erin's birthday was upon us, and I hadn't sent out the Evite.

So last night, on the last day of being eight, we had family friends come over for pizza and skating. It wasn't an official party, but she was officially loved. A BFF sharing necklace from Cara, and a small bag crocheted by Anna. We had at least four types of ice cream to choose from, and sang to Erin over scoops.
Last day of eight.

During skating, Erin won the limbo, and they played a happy birthday song to her. She even tried to keep pace with the "old people" skating posse as they moved around the rink to classic organ skating music. After the birthday song, there was a bluesy rendition of La Vie En Rose. And me? I nearly cried over that.

"This is the best birthday ever!" she said to me. "Thank you!"

The hugs. The sincerity.

This humbles me. I'm the mom who dropped the ball.

I made her a gluten-free red velvet cake (w/ tapioca flour and coconut flour and BEETS!). It was really good, although it just looked like chocolate cake. Maybe because I ran out of regular cocoa powder and had to use the dark stuff.

She had pizza two nights in a row.

She had a day full of love and surprises (thanks Ivette, Anita and Miss Christy!). 

She wanted to open presents first before cake. So we did. She was thrilled to have Lego Friends gifts.

All of us got the biggest hugs.

And then we sang to her and ate cake. And no one had a clue I made it with beets.

seriously--the gray! Ugh.

Thankful for her grace and gratitude. Her sass and laugh. She dances in the stores, especially if Christmas music is playing. She loves dogs. She's got the biggest heart (and her mama's loud).

The best days of my life are spent with the people around this table.

Thanks, God.

Before bed tonight, she said, "Thank you for the best birthday ever."

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