Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Shane hates having his picture taken.

I was updating photos in my contacts list on my phone. I saw a Pinterest idea once of using Christmas card portraits on the phone. I did that for a while. So this year? The crazy face.

I told my friend Christy I needed a picture of her and she sent me these.
Go Jesus, it's your birthday

My BEST friend

I picked the one of her in the black wig. When she called me today, this image filled the screen and I laughed so hard.

Nora sent me a selfie of her sneaking a cookie. That's now the picture for her contact.

At dinner, I thought I was being so smooth to show Shane Nora's picture, and instead, I snagged one of him just as he was sticking his hands up to block me. Before I knew it, he grabbed the phone out of my hand and took off.

"Don't drop my phone!" I yelled, laughing.

He ran up the stairs and locked himself in our bedroom. I followed behind him and grabbed a door key to bust in. But he had deleted the image by the time I got in.

"That's ok," I said. "There's always tomorrow."

I love the idea of filling up my contacts with fun pictures of my friends.

I love my friends.

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