Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Slept in until 7:30 this morning.


Schooling with kiddos at home.


Taught the kids to toast their own waffles! (We haven't had a toaster in six years, so they had no experience with one. I have always broiled anything that needed toasting--which means freezer waffles and toast were a rarity around here.) Welcome to the family, little toaster!


First, the last of math homework for break, then reading The Saturdays with Erin on the couch.


The sun is shining! Thinking of plans for the week--a movie, a grocery run, piano, math, CBS, and a fun Christmas breakfast with friends. (And next week? A whole lotta home and not a lotta running.)

Next week, baking and deliveries and lots of HOME and HUGS and LOVE.

Books. Playing. Home. Hikes. Food.

Yesterday's Great Books class was fun with a Jeopardy-style test--and color pages. Ha! So funny how a room with a majority of boys quieted and was peaceful when color pencils came out. It was like magic. I had no idea. Great day with them. Hugs to friends and merry wishes. Walked through the lunchroom as Erin had pizza on pizza day. Came home to fix a (gf) pizza for Lanie and our own pizza day. Sat at the table with her and listened to all that was on her mind. Why does life seem so rushed? This was good, this time together.

I love the after dinner talks with Shane at the table. Last night we talked about memories, and not the ones in the past, but the ones to come.

I love my people. I love what we do. I love home. I love winter break (and sleeping in and laughing and reading and baking and singing and doing all this fun stuff. And coffee ...).

Happy vacation!

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