Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The end of the year questionnaire

I really do look forward to the questionnaire at the end of the year. On Christmas day, Shane and I spent a good, drizzly, foggy day hanging out and talking--and for someone like me whose love language is time together, this was pure delight. Our lives keep us both hopping and busy, so to have this down time to relax and reflect was rejuvenating and filling.

2015 stretched me for sure--from the hustle, to the diagnosis, to the hustle, I learned about priorities and boundaries. Some relationships grew tighter and some unraveled. Here are a couple of the answers I jotted down from the questionnaire.

The single best thing that happened this year: Lanie's diagnosis. For her health and her future, an alleluia yes! We are grateful to put an end to chronic issues and have an answer--we are also grateful for a chance for her body to heal and thrive (in six months she has grown at least an inch and put on twenty pounds). In an unexpected way, the diagnosis was a catalyst in my focus on priorities and boundaries. I not only learned a lot about Celiac disease and being gluten free, I learned a lot about family, community, loyalty, and God's faithfulness.

The best books I read in 2015--Joan of Arc, Gilgamesh the Hero, The Bible, Rising Strong, and The Hiding Place. (Obedience, friendship, sovereignty, resilience, and pretty much all of it in one.)

The best way I used my time this year: keeping my eyes on Jesus and my race. I was surprised by the obstacles in my path this year, and at the same time, not surprised. Dear God--help me to keep my eyes on you.

Some big things I learned this year: Sometimes a loss of expectation is harder than losing friendships. When God tells me to do something, it's truly wise to obey. Good flour blends make all the difference. Good friends are treasure. God gives grace freely.












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