Thursday, December 3, 2015


There were several words that came to mind. Like wonderment. Balance. I think at times I even considered boundaries. But I picked Camera 4.

Nearly the end of the year and I still have not picked up that camera and roamed. I likely will not. At least, not this year.

So maybe Camera 4 was more than just an action--but a mindset.

Camera 4 meant getting out of a comfort zone.

It meant looking at things from new angles.

It meant risking being seen--for someone like me who is generally so behind the scenes.

This year was a lot of that--being stretched and challenged. And while not all of it was fun, it was beneficial. Instructional.

In quiet reflection this Advent season. I don't know what the word will be for next year. For now, my eyes fixed on Jesus. Cherishing family and home. 

Went with Erin to the library last night.

"Mom, put it on a station with Christmas music," she said.

We found one with a blend. I listened to her humming along to a Christmas song. We saw the beautiful and colorful lights of decorated houses.

Thank you, God, that out from darkness something beautiful can shine.

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