Monday, January 18, 2016

And still counting (8177-8216)

that field with the geese resting on it
mild days for a puffy vest
the pizza slice she bought with her own money

friends on a bench
a hug from Sandy
my kids' friendships
gray skies
clean baseboards

and a cleaned basement
books in the mail
a good review
thoughts about tables
memories with my kids

neighbors who noticed our trash wasn't out
and gifts from their hearts

a sign from Christy

stickers--tied for a double win
a poncho for Lanie made by my dad

and that he showed it off on FB, saying it was for his granddaughter
cold water
warm fires
Chipotle lunches

two quarters down

the happy hope that makes me want to cry
worship while vacuuming
praise reports from friends
the power of prayer
that You hear us from heaven

big, gulping breaths of fresh air
Dad and Linda on a Sunday stop
that he took the time to show me how to knit and purl again
his hands on video
his voice

the doctor that looked out for him
an afternoon chat with my neighbor
hugs from a hound dog

heading to a neighbor's for an afternoon visit

waggy dog

that he'd run out to get me cottage cheese while I'm making dinner

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