Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cheese and cheese

We had our county homeschool review today. This whole morning has flown by. I can't believe it's as late as it is.

The kids did great. Afterwards, I took them out to Chipotle for lunch. Lanie and I got burrito bowls and Erin got a quesadilla kids meal.

"What two sides would you like with that?" the prep person asked.

I looked at Erin and said, "That would be cheese and cheese."

The women prepping the food giggled. Erin laughed.

the lunch to celebrate (Marshall's mom: check out Lanie's shirt!)

I still don't know where to look. Neither does Erin.


Lanie offered to share her lemonade drink with Erin. One of the things I noticed in this whole stickers experiment is that instead of cultivating a cutthroat competition between my kids, it has actually fostered a gentle kindness.

When I asked who would get me a bag of walnuts from the pantry, both kids came into the kitchen holding onto the bag--because they didn't want the other to be left out.

When Erin drew a double dare card to clean her room, I said to Lanie, "It might be really nice if you helped her." And then she did.

A little fun-for-me was when the kids asked if there was anything else they could do to help me (!?!), I said, "It would be helpful to have the baseboards wiped down ..."

Both kids were up and at it by 8 this morning, and it took them less that fifteen minutes each to do a level. They were both so happy, and I was especially blessed--because I don't really remember the last time I cleaned the baseboards upstairs.


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