Friday, January 1, 2016


My communities have changed a lot over the years--a move, a change in co-ops, various Bible studies, even shifts in friendships as some grew together and some came apart. While the thought of it has always been present, 2015 made me think a lot about community--what it is I look for in one, what it's about, my role in it all.

My church divides the middle schoolers into tribes according to where they live. Is community as simple as being in the same zip code? When I think of small groups and intimacy, I need to be able to trust people with my heart based on their trustworthiness, and not proximity. Doesn't God have us in certain places at certain times? How much of community choosing is his and how much is ours?

In considering a word for the year, I thought of all kinds of possibilities. Some were aggressive words, some were peaceful words, but when community came to mind, I kind of knew that was going to be the one.

I looked online at the one word movement and there was a "find your tribe" option so you could connect with others who chose the same word. When I typed in "community", at the time at least, I was the only one. I had a good laugh over the irony of that.

I think God made us for community. He put us in families. The church is a family. What are the communities around me? Certainly still location (my zip) and vocation (homeschooling), but also my family, my circle of friends, my circle of acquaintances, and my church.

God. Worship. Joy. Service. Wholehearted. Camera 4. These are some of the words I've had in the past. Adding community to the mix.

Did you pick a word?

Wishing you a happy new year.


Nora said...

I wish I could decide! I love your word. Rock it!

Courtney said...

I keep checking for your word. You'll get one!