Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It was laundry folding. And fire starting. And homework doing.

We managed to get it all done, and a piano lesson too. Erin and I headed out to the grocery store. It was later in the day than we've gone lately.

She and I walked the aisles. Milk. Cheese. Crackers. Produce. I got a few boxes of coffee pods. And we tried a new (and gluten free) brand of hand lotion. So many scents, and we tried almost all of them at the same time and couldn't tell one from the next.

It was just us.

We shop every week. Sometimes she goes with me. Sometimes Lanie does. Sometimes both.

And it was really, really nice to connect with her in the everyday.

A community focus. A reflection on things that lead me to my goals and on things that lead me from them.

I let her text with Lanie while I was driving home. The sunset was so pretty through the winter trees. She took pictures of traffic.

In five years, this will still be the stuff that matters--the time I spent with my kids living a life. Not so much the challenging year, or the homework days or the laundry days or the shopping days, but that we made it through together.

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