Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year! Someone I know referred to the year as Sweet 16. I'm going to go with that.

The year started off with an eighth beginning to "Bible in a Year" on 66 Books. Yahoo! (#community)

I got to sleep in (my first thought as I opened my eyes, "Monday's going to hurt.").

Got a cup of coffee. Delight.

Then I just let the warm fuzzies wrap me up as I thought about friends. Thought about community. Thought about people who have sat at my table and what a joy that is to me. I don't want to stress over hospitality, and I think I do when other things cross boundaries and keep me from enjoying the now.

The house was 80 degrees last night with two fires burning and good friends filling living spaces. (#community)

Erin's first bestie in this zip code

I've known Denise since my other zip code (and even one before that!)

our first friends in the zip code


Grabbed a morning hug and kiss from Shane in the kitchen. He was putting away some things in the dishwasher and I was eyeing up all the dishes that needed to get put back to their places.

"The irony is that I was just on Pinterest pinning things about being orderly and clean," I said. He laughed.

We smooched.

"Are you guys kissing?" Lanie yelled. "I can hear you from up here!"

"I hope our kids remember this," he said. About the affection we have. We deeply hope they have great marriages.

"Erin's husband is going to love her!" I said. "She's just like me." With a wink. Only a special man can appreciate our unique goofiness. Remembering the two of us dancing in the 3-sided mirror at the mall, and Shane just standing back laughing at us.

"I'm not like you, Mom. You're clean, I'm messy," she said. "I have Legos and Beenie Boos all over the place."

"You'll outgrow those things, and then you'll have books all over the place like I do," I said.

And then Shane and I said it at the same time, "Books and blankets."


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