Thursday, January 7, 2016


I took some lotion to school with me yesterday. Put it on after I got into my class and took off my gloves. One of the students asked if she could use some and I said yes. Next thing I know, I look up from my papers to see nearly all the students smiling and rubbing their hands together.

"Did you all put lotion on?" I asked. And they had. It made me laugh. I told them how I saw them: smiling, hand rubbing. We laughed.


I see his green light on in the chat bar. I've known him going on nine years. He's got stage four cancer. He's on his last hope of chemo. He's been fighting fevers lately. He might have to stop this course because his body can't handle it, and that knowledge carries weight. I looked at his green light. Thought of him and his family at our table over the years. Cried. Thought of the things bent on stealing my joy, and thought of my friend holding each moment precious in his grasp. Cried some more. Reached out and invited him to dinner. He said, "Yes. Let's get a date on the calendar or it won't happen."


Thoughts on Jesus, Esther, Job, Peter and Abram. So glad I know their stories.


A great read for 66 Books. A Thursday birthday hang-out with a friend. An early Saturday morning coffee with another close friend. A Friday morning video chat with a third as we look at community, identity, motherhood. And an online study by Angie Tolpin: The Quiet Fight Between Women.

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