Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last kisses

Lanie texted me that Rudy had fallen down the stairs yesterday and was limping. I checked her out when I got home, and she was limping slightly. As the afternoon progressed, the limping worsened. And this cat, that we often warned was mean and nasty to guests, limped her way toward me and let me hold her for hours. We think she had a stroke. We kept vigil overnight, Lanie and I.

This morning, the poor cat couldn't walk and we had to lift her water and food to her. By mid-morning, she didn't even move--laid all curled up and slept or watched us. We kept her cozy by the fire.

We had the heartbreak of taking her to the vet. The kids went with a good friend for the afternoon. Held that furry bundle in my arms and she watched the world pass by on the drive. The sun shone down and warmed us both.

I got that cat before I was even engaged. She was my baby before I had babies. Becoming a mom changed a lot between us, and I was ever so aware of the little kitty I cradled in my arms becoming the cat that wanted to trip my feet.
Christmas in Big Sky

She hissed at Lanie when I first brought Lanie home from the hospital, and she treated most others the same--guarding bathrooms with a growl and a swat at any guest passing by. But she loved me and Shane. And she grew to love our girls as well, eventually.
last summer

When we moved here, we all felt a peace and freedom--the cat especially. She loved to lay on the couches in the basement, but roamed the house at leisure. She could often be found asleep on Lanie's bed, and later this year, she took to Erin's bed.

before the move

woods cat

We had lots of names for her: Roo, Roory, Toofles, Lillel Cat, Killy Cat. (When we moved here, she killed a couple of mice. Go, Rudy!)

sweet love

seventeen years

The kids said their goodbyes to her before heading out. Erin drew a lovely picture, carried a picture of Rudy with her, and wrote Rudy a "get well soon" card (with a most touching interior that breaks a parent's heart). Speckled the cat with kisses. Lanie already said her goodbyes and wants lots of framed pictures of the two of them.

Thankful for so many years with a cat who loved us and we loved back. Rest in peace, little love.

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