Monday, February 1, 2016

And still counting (8247-8291)

blizzard snows
school closures
home days
sledding trails

silver trays
colorful cups of water
friends over
a snowman
good coffee

honest talks
sleep-in days
warm fires
math pages
a book report

shopping with my kids
shirts on clearance
a pair of shoes
tissue paper
gift bags

a birthday party
friends at the table
chats with moms
an answer
condolences by mail

the cost of things
a tunnel, twenty-two years ago
my dad
boundaries redefined
a mailbox cleared

neighbors stopping on the road for a hello
texts with another just because
a mom's message that her son likes the way I teach
a bracelet: community
cherry pit warmers under a blanket

red cardinal in snow
a seat at Lisa's table
first friends here
hours of outside play
Sam's friendly voice

a Monday appointment
wind under the tarp
infinity scarves
my dog
books in the mail

leftovers in the fridge

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