Monday, February 8, 2016

And still counting (8292-8327)

catching peachy highlights of a sunset through the fog
fog in the woods
a fire
Erin's hug goodbye in the cafeteria

a warm welcome from the kids in Great Books
the fun we have
a card for Nicole
and a history of thanks
Sandy's happy Tuesday wishes

a door closed
God's encouragement
a Chik-fil-a date with my girl
a Tuesday crunch that tells me

"needs improvement"
an unscheduled visit with Jennifer
Karen B's prayer
condolences for Erin from her Bible class
Nora's friendship

four days break
the kids in math class
Shane getting better
cottage pie

brownies for Zoe
a second dinner
and a recipient (You) provided
a painting date with Lisa
perspective on motherhood

her stash of pictures

the little wooden box
hugs with Erin
flour batches ready to go

reminders of the best use of my time

sunsets through the winter woods

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