Monday, February 29, 2016

And still counting (8369-8407)

a chat with Dawn
the next day skies after a thunderstorm

kids cuddled next to me after a big thunder boom
a limbo win for Erin
a sugar cookie for a helper
a way to help a dear friend during a move
curry chicken salad from Wegmans

good sleep
peace (peace, peace, peace, peace)

sweet potatoes
tea with Sharon
coffee with Ann
wood drying in the sunlight

spring's lion entrance
an extra day in the month
trees cut down for free
my dad's responses
a good book

warm weather
a rake in my hand
beds raked out and leaves hauled off
big rounds of trunk
a blister on my hand

an afternoon park jaunt
my man accompanying

unsalted butter
a great day
spaghetti with meat sauce
and cookies for dessert

bird song
a comfy couch
Wegman's cookies

limbo win

fun with friends

butter for cookies
stormy night

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