Wednesday, February 17, 2016

GPS and other things

I dropped Lanie off at a friend's for a sleepover. Plugged in a new address to take Erin to a party. The GPS told me to turn right, so I did. It told me to turn left, so I did. It told me to take a left on a road that was closed. I had to turn around and try another road. The system recalculated the route. A few turns later, I'm heading in the vicinity, and it tells me to turn on a residential street. And then another turn left, but this time, there really was no road, but a barricade.

No way.

"Mom, it's ok. We can just go home," Erin said from the back seat.

I kept driving. I really had no idea where this place was. And then suddenly, out of no planning on my part, we made miscellaneous turns and got redirected by the GPS.

"You have reached your destination," it said.

Fortunately, we were only about fifteen minutes late.

It's not the first time my GPS has gotten me lost. In fact, almost every time I'm going on a field trip or to a party, it gets me lost. (On a funny note, Nora and I were having a discussion about GPS's and she said hers gets her lost too; that it's a really old one. Turns out, we have the same one!)

Had me thinking about other destinations I've arrived at, places I didn't expect to find myself--usually a situation or a feeling. How did I get here again?

Reading the motherhood book still, and chapters five and six reinforce discipleship and teaching with a heavy emphasis on following Jesus and what we think on.

How did I end up (complaining, worried, frustrated, angry)?

What am I doing here (in a funk, checking out, eating too much chocolate)?

When I find myself somewhere I don't want to be, this road trip is a reminder to check who's giving me directions. Is it global or godly? Whose voice am I following?

These days, working hard on keeping a family focus and seeking direction from a trustworthy source.


Yesterday, we got all the Tuesday work done. Even made shrinky dinks. The kids are on an electronics ban this week. Life is a lot more interesting away from a screen.

happy this girl has gained 30 pounds since July.

waiting for shrinky dinks

I got a package in the mail.

When I tried on the blazer, Erin's eyes grew wide.

I should get a full length mirror instead of doing these bathroom shots. I love my 70s tile.

"Mom! You look so young!"

I laughed.
Elbow patches and skinny jeans!

When I showed Shane this picture, he asked if I photoshopped it.

"Um, no. This is what happy looks like," I said.