Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring, forward

Forecast is supposed to be near 60 degrees tomorrow. Something about that nudged me to open up the curtains. And then I swept, vacuumed and mopped the floors. I might have cleaned some smudges off the windows. I have even entertained the idea of bagging up things to give away.

A purge and a cleaning. A deep desire for growth and newness and warmth. Of getting rid of the old. And taking off the heavy, like a bulky winter coat, but more like stuff that weighs down hearts.

I laughed at Erin's attempt to resurrect a snowman. And then I caught a shot of her sliding down one of the remaining snow slopes in the front yard.

leaves for hair

I consider cleaning out the clutter. And painting the master bedroom and bathroom. It seems so long since I last painted, even though it was only last summer when we spruced up the gluten-free pantry.

Looking forward to spring and green and warmth. Looking forward to tractor rides and field fragrance. Looking forward ... and it feels good. 

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