Sunday, February 14, 2016


Our Friday dinner plans fell through, which turned out to be fine because I was asleep on the couch early. Saturday I fixed hot lunch for a friend who's in move mode, dropped it off to her crew getting their house ready, and got paint specks all over my face from helping paint a ceiling in a son's room. Came home to get ready for church.

After ending worship, one of the singers encouraged us to share God's love with someone this weekend. I love that love can be about what we give instead of what we get.

Today the girls have parties to attend, and Erin and I were out the door by 9:00 in what felt like single digits. Brrr. Grabbed gifts, and more gifts--I knew that there was no way I would get in a batch of cookies, let alone two, for our neighbors. We have been at a hustle pace for days. There was just no time.

So we bought big hearts of chocolates and gift bags (along with birthday gifts for parties) and put in pretty tissue papers. Erin and I walked them to our neighbors and left colorful, festive packages at their doors. I hope their families are as excited to receive the gifts as we were to give them. But most of all, I hope they feel loved.

My kiddos woke to paper hearts scattered from their bedroom doors, down the hall and stairs to their seats at the kitchen table. Some candies and a Beanie Boo each. They gave out their own cards to us. And my man surprised me with a box of chocolates too from a favorite chocolate place. I made banana pancakes because he was home to enjoy them, and we sat and talked over coffee until I had to get moving.

A break at home after a skate date with Erin. I have images to snap and edit. And two parties to take the kids to. And a whole mess of work to complete before school tomorrow.

Thank God for coffee.

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Jessica said...

Hi I'm new to blogging and just wanted to say -I like your blog :)