Monday, March 28, 2016

And still counting (8487-8517)

a salad, treated
a school day, redeemed
a hug from Sandy
Becky P

skate night with Erin
hot tea with Lisa
Nora, who takes my call
chocolates in a classroom
a week off


camera 2
a chat with Joel
coffee in the mail
grading completed

books in the mail
books for next year and fun field guides (not shown)

Anne of Green Gables read louds
little feet
a hand to hold
Easter gifts from a neighbor

my dad, almost 80
that she wants to whittle wood
weeds to pull on a warm day

dry wood for chilly morning fires
Satsuma in the house

hugs with Kevin McM on his last day leading
and with Kathy S on her last day leading too
a lawn tractor running
red wine
sidewalk chalk

texts with friends

that God is greater than (anything)

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