Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I remember very clearly, a kitchen full of boxes from my former house, boxes piled high on counters and on the floor. My sister-in-law came over that day--we weren't moved in because we didn't officially own the house yet. The owners were gracious to let us keep our stuff here while we were in the in-between.

Connie came out with Barbies for the girls and picked up a couple of frozen pizzas (and a pizza cutter because I didn't know where mine was in all the boxes) for our lunch. (GODSEND!)

I remember looking at the oven control and realizing I wasn't sure how to turn it on. It was push button stuff and hinted at convection, which I had no working knowledge of using. I pushed "bake" and it turned on with a 350 degree start. But after a few minutes, it shut off. Hahaha. I had no idea what I was doing. I figured it out, though, feeling quite novice. We had pizza.

The oven broke on us last Monday, on a day when it felt like everything broke.

I'm glad the last meal I cooked in the oven was the cottage pie I made for my friend, Lisa. I made enough that there was leftover to make a mini version for our family, and the microwave heated it perfectly that Monday when the oven sounded it quit.

I never realized how often I used the oven until I had one the didn't work anymore. Fortunately, the stove top worked, and we got by on (gf) pasta, rotisserie chicken and rice for burrito bowls ... there may have even been times when I let the kids fix cereal or sandwiches. I realized my handicap in stove top cooking.

We said goodbye to the old stove today. Erin took a picture of it. She cried. She was distraught of what its future held.

When I saw the delivery truck backing down our driveway, I felt a happy joy bubbling up inside of me. I was making plans for pizzas, cookies, muffins, and potato fries. Roasted chicken! Birthday cakes! And an oven that's never had a crumb of gluten in it. And no former family's spills trapped between the window glasses.

Welcome home, dear oven.

I love the bigger oven window!

I love the sparkly burner knobs!

I said to Shane, "If it doesn't fit, then it's a sign we need to remodel the kitchen."

It fits fine. I mean, it's a pretty standard thing. I told Marshall's Mom I was getting a kitchen remodel one piece at a time. (Fridge, wine fridge, oven ... I guess the dishwasher is next.)

Today's agenda: science, math, and reading a bit of literature with Erin. Then: cookies.

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