Monday, April 4, 2016

And still counting (8518-8565)

Sleeping in
read alouds with kids

preparing for a new chapter
a first cut of the season
the smell of onion grass

big blue sky overhead
a big bird perched on the pool slide
sticks in the yard

a friend who thought of me while she was out of town
and brought back gluten-free flour for us
$1 books in a trunk
hand-me-downs from mama to daughter
photos with friends

ice cream
real cream in my coffee
Friday breakfast for dinner
a waffle iron
spring rains

hanging out with Ann
a talk with Lisa
texts with Michelle
a hug from Nicole
words to me on a Wednesday morning

scriptures in 66 Books
homeschooling chats with families
a waggy welcome from their dogs
clean films
and how he said I didn't look 46

Christy to watch my kids
emails with Rebecca
gluten-free labels across the shelf (for quick identification!)

Six homework Tuesdays left on the calendar

She goes to VT and thinks of ME
Celebrating Denise! I love her smile!
seventeen years with my guy
This guy. Love.

the chocolate coconut bread

that he rented a movie he knew I'd like
red wine
chocolate coconut bread

my kids
texts with neighbors when the power went out
family game around the table while daylight lasted
apples in the fridge

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