Monday, April 18, 2016

And still counting (8589-8631)

a good review
a month of school left

free curriculum samples
a cozy bag for my dad
spring temperatures to mow the lawn
blackberries for $1
the moms in math class

a way to help Lisa
a friend's kids in a play
Alan and Kelly
friendships that last
good podcasts

a pair of binoculars to use
bird watching with Erin and Lanie
worship during the week at church
Kevin's loving legacy

a meet up with a potential tutor
a hug from Rebecca
Becky S in the parking lot
her strength and example

pumpkin muffins for snack
that man of mine
a bird feeder
quinoa cake
coffee pods at a great price

this home-sweet-home
a playdate with Kellie
our kids' friendship
and our friendship too

balloons for a party
her little bird earrings
a tractor started
Lisa's kids in the afternoon
Aspen's love of mashed potatoes

80 candles on a cake
the look on his face
that he read the card aloud
a hummingbird feeder for his window
waves goodbye

playing giant Frisbee in the field

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