Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Today is the fourth Tuesday. (Can you tell I'm counting!?!)

After fixing up Shane's lunch and kissing him goodbye, I went back up to bed and set an alarm for 6:30 a.m. And when it went off, I silenced it and slept until seven.

This is the life.

Coffee sweetened with maple syrup (yum!). Sunshine in abundance outside the window. I put on a podcast with Andrew Pudewa and listened to his thoughts on read alouds and their influence on the word bank inside the mind. (Good stuff, people.)

"You have till 9 o'clock," I told Erin. Lanie was already off and running. Erin went to play instead.

I looked over pages I have for next year, calendars, lists and resources. I sipped at coffee.

I considered the HAS (homework assignment sheet) printout from the co-op. And since Erin only attends for two classes anymore, I realized these weren't tasks that we needed to do today. In fact, as I considered my printouts for next year and the requirements we have this year, I felt a deep peace in cultivating a love for learning, instead of a checklist focus.

At nine, we read some Anne of Green Gables, and after two chapters, Erin begged for a third (mostly because it was about puffed sleeves!). Instead, we switched over to science and sat outside on the bench to read.

The sun felt good. We watched the birds at the feeder. We watched a hound dog in the sun. We heard the scamper of squirrels. A ladybug flew by. Bees were busy. I'm so glad cicadas haven't emerged yet. I don't have the heart to tell the girls this plague is coming, because the bees are already enough to elicit shrieks of terror.

Summer's so close, I can feel it. The warmth of the sun on my skin awakens me. I can hear the bird song so clearly. Maybe because we've tuned our ears to listen in the quiet. Maybe because the feeder is a welcome mat to these flighty friends. Maybe because there are three homework Tuesdays remaining.

Erin and I finished reading about snails, slugs and roundworms, and closed the book. She went into the house to finish a math facts page, and then she was off to illustrate her favorite character balancing on a ridgepole, a la Anne of Green Gables.

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