Sunday, April 10, 2016

Because he's eighty

My dad turned eighty yesterday.

He stopped by our house today to drop off some herbs from an herb sale he and Linda attended.
oregano, thyme, bay leaf and rosemary

I wasn't expecting him.

He drove a new car (new to him a few months now).

I snapped a picture of him by it.
eighty and one day

I thanked him for the herbs.

(I wanted to touch his face and his hair. I wanted to hug him.)

The kids came out and said hello.

We'll see him next weekend for a birthday luncheon.

"I'm so glad I got to see my dad today," I said to Shane.

"Why?" he asked, as if this day was any different than the other times I've seen him.

"Because he's eighty," I said.

(Because of the lost years.)

(Because of the silence.)

(Because I love him dearly.)

(Because he's my dad.)

Because he's eighty.

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