Saturday, April 30, 2016


Friday morning, Cindy came over to swap plants for the garden. It was a drizzly day. She dug up some hostas. I gave her a lily and a bleeding heart. She gave me some plants of hers.

She had on white tennis shoes, and I accidentally pitched a shovel full of dirt on her foot. Ugh. We walked around the yard and walked through the house. We talked about a lot of things. She told me Joel is 71 and she is 61. She told me about her grandkids. She came inside to wash up her hands, and to brush the dirt off her shoe. (oops) Then she started cleaning my sink in the laundry room. I just laughed. It didn't bother me. I did tidy up a bit before she came over, but we live in the woods, and this place will never be immaculate.

I have weeds in my garden. I have weeds in the sidewalks. I have dog hair on the floors. And the school room has piles of books and paper everywhere. This is us. (Although, after next week, we are beginning a clutter and excess purge.)

We talked a lot, and I really enjoyed her. I hugged her hello and goodbye.

I was thankful that she showed me how the windows tilt in so I can clean both sides. Oh my gosh, I've lived here almost five years and HAD NO IDEA.


I baked a coconut chocolate cake for Lanie's math class party. It was the last day. She wrote her teacher a 2-page letter telling her how much she liked her and math. I'm thankful for these influences on my kids. I'm thankful for adults who exude gentleness and love. This is the kind of stuff that makes my kids thrive. This is what draws out their best.


Baked blackberry cheesecake bars for Miss Linda. Her birthday was Friday. I'm so thankful for these Friday nights with her. Thankful for the community that God has surrounded us with.


Sat with Erin on the floor by one of the season's last fires. I loved the heat. I loved the smell of wood smoke. We were reading a book about birds that we found at the library. I sat by the fire and she slid off the couch and joined me on the floor, slid out of a fussy mood and was lured into learning by beautiful photographs of so many birds. They fascinate her.

This morning, we read a bit of Anne of Green Gables (in the 350s out of a 400 page book!), and then she requested the bird book. So we read about nests, and matched baby birds to their parents, and learned about penguins before I had to scoot out and pick up Lanie.


There's no place like home.

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