Sunday, April 17, 2016

His eighty candles

We had Dad, Linda and Lori over today for lunch to celebrate Dad turning eighty.

Cookout outside. Lunch on the patio. Blue sky. Great temperature. Bird song.

I made the chocolate quinoa cake for dessert. We put eighty candles on it. Shane and I had to use two lighter wands to light the candles.

I carried the cake into the dining room and set it down. Linda got Dad and we sang. The heat off the cake was pretty fierce.

"Next year we'll get an '8' and a '1' to put on your cake!" I joked.

Next year ...

We had cake and big scoops of ice cream, and he wore a hat like a sport.

He opened our gift to him afterward--a cherry pit bag and a hummingbird feeder/hanger/nectar so he could enjoy the birds outside his window. But first, he read the card I got him.

He read it out loud.

And as he read about (us) wishing God's blessings on him that he would know how loved he is, he choked up a bit, and I choked up a bit.

We were full around the table.

Before he left, he selfied with me.

He rolled down the window of his car and showed me some of the features he liked about it. We talked about getting together in June for Father's Day and Lori's birthday.

"See you soon!" I called out and we all stood along the driveway and waved. And they all rolled down windows and waved back.

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