Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hit the ground running

I'm glad I looked at the calendar last night. Even though a friend reminded me on Monday that Lanie was responsible for group snack (for today), I completely forgot. Our homeschool review is today, so I have been preoccupied with getting our information documented and organized, prepping for my high school class, keeping Lanie current on her assignments, and now with Erin added mostly to the home mix, keeping her going at home (which has shaved my co-op planning time in half!).

All that to say--I'm glad I looked at the calendar last night. Although, at the time, I felt like snack was just one more thing to do. Lanie and I had plans to go worship at church and we were looking forward to it. I explained to her that I'd have to set an alarm to leave during half the time so we could swing by the store and get gluten-free pretzels and apples for snack before the store closed. But when half time came, we were so enjoying the worship and community of familiar faces, that I whispered to her (if it's possible to whisper during one of our church's worship sessions), "Do you want to stay? I'll figure something out for snack."

She nodded. We stayed.

Somehow, the alarm never sounded this morning, and Shane and I woke an hour late. I had lessons to prepare for today, finishing touches to make on the portfolios, (plus a shower to take and Erin to school) and a snack to prepare. This is one of the parts of being gluten-free that requires more planning than regular people deal with. It would have been easy to swing by a donut shop and get boxes of donuts. It would have been cheaper to run into the store and grab packages of (regular) cookies and chips like the other families do. But so many times I hear from Lanie how she goes without snack because no one brings in things she can eat, and she doesn't want to pack her own because she doesn't like the attention of being different. (We were prepared for that. We don't expect anyone to have to accommodate her restrictions. But it is such a blessing when someone does!)

So when Food Lion opened at seven this morning, I was there to get cupcake liners and oil. Got home and made the muffins, checking the Hershey site to be extra sure that cinnamon chips are gluten free (they are!).

It's a hopping day, and we haven't officially left the house. But I'm glad the snack got done. And I'm glad that Lanie will have some, and so will a boy in her group who is also Celiac. (Truly thankful for that pairing!)

Thank you God, for a diagnosis that led to healing. For a nearby store and enough time (even losing an hour's sleep!) to get things done. For access to gluten-free products. For a companion for Lanie so she doesn't stand alone in peer situations. For families who do think of her when they plan out food. And for a new awareness to food allergies and restrictions. Also, thank you for gluten-free cinnamon chips.

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