Monday, May 9, 2016

And still counting (8688-8716)

a sunny break in the drizzle
ground dry enough for a quick mow
the smell of the field

waves to a neighbor on a tractor
the kids in Ancient Great Books
last days in school

a salad from Becky S
an invitation
a bag of books to return

Erin's biggest cheeky grin
her joyful heart

good books to read
Anne of Green Gables. Completed.

a zoo trip

skate night that equaled time to grade papers and read
Robert J. Morgan writes really good books

messages with Rebecca
a night over at Michi's

safe travels
dinner with in-laws
Sunday worship with Lanie
an Erica sighting and hug
Erin and Lanie

tank tops on sale
good gluten-free snacks
texts with friends
a sunny Sunday sky
blue sky break with buttercups

gardening with my girl (Lanie)

sweet talks on service

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