Monday, May 16, 2016

And still counting (8717-8767)

If I used only one word to describe this past school year, it would be hustle. From even before day one, it was a stress and a challenge, and I was stretched thin logistically and emotionally. But in light of the difficulties I faced, God made a way and showed me good friends. I'm so thankful for that, and thankful for

Nicole providing literature packets for my class
the encouragement I received from my students' parents
new friendships made
and long-time friends who prayed for me regularly

my kids
the very good books I got to read
and this was just for Great Books

a favorite class of students who were the highlight of my school year
the friendships Erin had
skate nights

the new friends Lanie made
time with my teenager
time boundaries established
early morning wake-ups
bento box lunches

school days by the fire
Satsuma oil scenting the rooms
the end of the Tuesday crunch
timely messages in my inbox

plans that fit together
the love of neighbors
a green die
the empty treasure box
a thank you note, adorned with special words

growth and understanding in the losses
Jennifer B's text and acknowledgment
drizzle days
Rebecca's hug and prayer
amazing homeschool resources

talks with Shane after dinner
coffee with cream and sugar
impatiens and marigolds planted
Miss Jill
read aloud cuddles on a couch

her sweet tears at the missing
a church message confirmation on change and faith
sunshine on the weekend
French fries with Old Bay
California rolls

a good price on shower board
gluten-free deals at Aldi
an evening walk and talk with Lanie
gardens to weed
tackle boxes

chocolate chip and M&M cookies warm from the oven
cherry bag warmers
these years here

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