Monday, May 23, 2016

And still counting (8768-8821)

all the rain
chilly days, home
soft blankets

read alouds with Erin
spaces, purged and tidied
the scent of clean laundry
clothes warm from the dryer
vanilla ice cream

celebrating Shane's 49 years
ice cream because he didn't want cake

a kind and loving man

dinner for two families
texts with Cindy
garden work with Erin and Lanie

callouses from sweeping and digging
bright colored buds on rhododendrons
a hair cut I gave myself!
this was such a blessing to me

fun with my kids
Morning Time she anticipates

the leaning in of a loving dog
her heart stickered letters to a faraway friend
a really good podcast on homeschooling and story
sitting in on a worship rehearsal
foggy mornings

an anorak jacket, still
shopping with a teenager
our laughter
hawks overhead
the rustle of wind in the leaves

coffee with cream and sugar
her notes to me on the chalkboard
wool socks
visiting at Christy's
Kellie over for playdates resumed

coffee with Rebecca
her kindred spirit
magic shell on ice cream
a clean car
Erin's help

an evening walk with her after eight
sunny warmth for a field cut
cherry pit warmers
that man of mine
Wednesday night worship

All things new
camera 2

peanut butter bars
friends around the dinner table
hot tea on a rainy Sunday

a hug from my neighbor Sam
running into a mom at church who is new to homeschooling
Shane's honesty
a fire in May
fire pit plans

chances of sunshine in the forecast

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