Monday, May 30, 2016

And still counting (8822-8877)

laughing with Jason over the price of mulch
that he remembered my name
books in the mail
read alouds with Erin on a bench in the sunshine

bird song
a mulch mound
lemon water
morning sun through the French doors
balloons for Ivette

banana pancakes
a funny note from Marshall's Mom
Satsuma oil in the rooms
games with my kids
an afternoon nap

how her energy has picked up being home
the difference here makes
a yes for Lanie to serve
a last picnic with friends at co-op
gorgeous weather to fellowship

a hug to Tara
Facebook for far away friends
hugs with women I've gotten to know these four years
their beautiful faces
hours of play for Erin

Kathy W and our long talk about homeschooling
peace (oh peace, oh peace)
last grades sent
chompo bars
a hug with Becky S

a dig date with Michi
excited to have these in my garden next spring

we went to this garden to dig bulbs--great time!

tulip bulbs
joy (joy! joy!)
Cindy back here
a hug with her in the driveway

evening walk with Erin
library run and a shop day with Lanie

home, sweet home
a discount on ear medicine
this man of mine

Jean Baptiste's story
red flowers in the baskets
the rolling bench for weeding
the cold water from the hose
Erin's day away for celebrating Sage

a relatively quick visit to urgent care
Linda at the table
the garden walk with her
her hug and love goodnight
grasses cut

the years that I was allergy free
cold compresses for sinuses
a kindred spirit
the creak of the storm door opening

cookies as big as a hand

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