Monday, May 2, 2016

The hair cut

Erin is daring in a different way than Lanie is. Lanie is a daredevil on roller coasters, skateboards, bikes and sledding.

Erin is daring in skating and HAIR.

She was growing her hair out, but has toggled between wanting long and short. She's the cutest muffin with short hair.

But she is the quintessential kiddo with two pony tails. Like, you can't look any more like a kid than she does with two ponies up.

So when I fell in love with Sarah Mackenzie's adorable pixie cut, I thought Erin would love it. I showed it to her, and she did. We found some similar cuts on Pinterest and went into the salon today.

She saved a little chunk of her hair.

goodbye locks
we were peeking through the product shelves to see her

I hugged her so tightly when that beaming smile rounded the corner

And after:
AHH! The love! It's too much.

She's got a grin a mile wide and I can't get over how CUTE she is.

This kid. That face.



MarshallsMom said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney said...

I'll tell her you said so! =)

Nora said...

So unbelievably adorable. You have to send it to Sarah!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Nora! (We did! LOL)